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Rob Marcus

Managing Director


Phone: (708) 359-9377

Robert Marcus, Esq. is recognized nationwide based on his experience as receiver, trustee, chief restructuring officer, and attorney in varying matters. He is a licensed attorney in the State of Illinois and admitted to practice in Federal Courts and Bankruptcy Courts throughout the country. 

Mr. Marcus’s experience allows him to cover anything from complex litigation to being the CRO, trustee, and/or receiver for an operation or liquidation of any scale. Mr. Marcus possesses a hands-on approach to operating, managing and consulting troubled businesses on behalf of a diverse client base. His effectiveness is in identifying major operating problems, imprudent management practices and recognizing business opportunities, and designing and implementing solutions to these problems. Mr. Marcus has been involved in a number of significant engagements among a wide variety of industries.  

Mr. Marcus’ has served as PACA trustee and receiver, federal and state appointed receiver and trustee, and as post-confirmation liquidating trustee in a variety of cases across the country. Significant matters where Mr. Marcus rendered services include In re Michael’s Market, Inc. et al., (PACA Trustee, interim operations manager, new company transition), In re East Coast Brokers & Inc., et al. (creditor’s attorney), In re Grainger Farms, Inc. (auctioneer attorney, Chief Restructuring Officer of Farming Operations), Anthony Marano Company v. Joe Caputo & Son’s Inc., et al. (PACA trustee, receiver, interim COO, asset sale), In re Eclipse Berry Farms, LLC, et al. (Chief Restructuring Officer), Brighthouse Life Insurance Co. v. Victor Produce of New Mexico, Inc., et al. (Receiver), and In re Las Uvas Valley Dairies, a New Mexico general partnership (Liquidating Trustee). In Las Uvas Valley Dairies, Mr. Marcus replaced the initial Liquidating Trustee, who found no assets to distribute to unsecured creditors, and Mr. Marcus proceeded to recover more than $1.2 million through a narrowly focused, well-designed preference campaign.

Mr. Marcus is just as comfortable in the courtroom and boardroom as he is overseeing a tomato packing line or citrus harvest crew. Mr. Marcus tailors his representation and scope of the engagement uniquely for each engagement, with the understanding that a “one size fits all” approach is never appropriate. Through his consulting business, Kander LLC, Mr. Marcus is able to utilize an experienced team of professionals to cover all facets of the engagement without overwhelming the client or the bottom line. Mr. Marcus is focused on the results and on ensuring that his client obtains the appropriate and fair result, even if it requires Mr. Marcus to “step on some toes.” 

Mr. Marcus also has a passion for aviation and is an accomplished pilot with thousands of hours logged and is licensed to fly and teach in everything from a small single engine airplane through multiengine turbojet aircraft.

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